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Spooky Tale


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Read on.  If you Dare...


" The Shadow Dragon's Hoard "

If you would like to get a piece of the Shadow Dragon's hoard when or if he is defeated you will need to get involved.

Go to here,
to get the rules on how you can participate and claim some of the "Hoard".

Swordfire says...
"I give this story a 10 claw rating!"

Unknown Gem Type: tlx.bravenet.counter

Our Cast of Characters:

Peophin= FoxMulder_ (Foxy)- found in pound
Eyrie= Alisha_Hallum
Scorchio= GoldnDrgn
Uni = Neo_Wind
Scorchio = Starsong_Strongheart

pet left behind;
Zafara = I.M.Mockery (guild doctor)

The Spooky Tale...

    Foxy what's wrong?
    I saw something move in the corner!! Neo_wind looks in the corner, "It's just a shadow. Nothing to be afraid of."
    A raspy voice comes from everywhere, "That's what you think little neopet."
    "Foxy be quiet!" Alisha shouts. "Who's there, who are you, show yourself!."
    "Yeah!" Goldndrgn says, "Pick on someone your own size!"
    An evil laughter rings out as a large shape starts to form from the shadows. "Little dragon there is only one dragon my size and I am afraid the Crystal dragon is not going to help you. I am the Shadow Dragon and it is my time!"

"NOOOOOOOO!!" Foxy says "what have you done!!!"

The evil raspy laughter echos around the room, "I have done nothing to him. It is my time. As it gets closer to All Hallow's Eve my power grows and the Crystal Dragon gets weaker. Soon all of Neopia will be mine to terrorize!!!!!!"

"We have to stop him Goldndrgn, we can't let him take over!"

The Shadow Dragon laughs as he fades into the shadows. "Soon my time will come, then we shall see my little pretties, perhaps,I will add you to my hoard!"

the crystal dragon stirred in from his slumber in a cave somewhere on Terror mountain. he sensed his powers waning he knew, somehow, that the shadow dragon was plotting something evil, and being the only dragon of his size and power, it was his duty to stop him.but because he was weakening the closer it got to halloween, he would have to call on the aid of a new friend....

"Alisha! I just know you have to have a plan. Tell me!"

"Hold your unis, Neo_Wind, I am thinking, thinking that we need to try to find the Crystal Dragon and get his help."

"OHHHHHH, scary!"

"Oh, Foxy you are such a wimp, I will go. Who else to find a dragon but another dragon." Goldndrgn says proudly. "It will be a great adventure!"

"I think it will take all four of us at least, perhaps we can talk Starsong_Strongheart and I_M_Mockery into joining us. But first I think we need to talk to the Island Mystic to see what he suggests."

An evil laughter rings out, "You are too late little pets, the Mystic will be of no help to you, soon I, and my allies will rule Neopia!"

the crystal dragon flew and flew, all over neopia, until he came to the lost desert.he landed and walked into the center of the desert, where no neopets could ever go for fear of death. except one. the heat was too strong, the sand was too hot, and there wasnt any water.but the crystal dragon didnt mind. he walked to the very center, and there stood a dune. and on that dune was a temple.the temple of the Desert Dragon. the crystal dragon walked up to the big stone doors and roared. and then, the one neopet that could live out here appeared from nder the sand. it wasnt a neopet at all! it was a Lyins, a lost desert petpet."ah, its been a long time, Crystal Dragon. You may enter" and the Lyins dissapeared beneath the sand once more.

the Crystal Dragon walked through the big stone doors, and they closed behind him after.the temple consisted of only one room. the flooor was covered with sand, and in the center of the floor was a shape. a sleepinfg shape. a dragon-shaped shape.
"it is time, my old friend." said the Crystal Dragon.

The Spooky Tale Continues...