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The Spooky Tale Continues...


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Ooops now where were we?  Ah yes the tale unfolds...

Neo_Wind gallops into the house shouting "Have you heard, have you heard!"

"Heard what?" Alisha replies.

"The island mystic, the melting pot faerie, tombola man, the tiki tour man and the trainer are missing and there is a faerie gaurding the volcano! It was all over the paper."

"So now we know why the Shadow Dragon said we were too late."

"What do we do now?"

Foxy mumbles in the corner, "maybe Czoltan can help us find the Crystal Dragon."

"Don't be stupid Foxy, Czoltan is gone." Neo snorts. "Besides the Crystal Dragon is weak."

"But I hear him when I go to the shrine, he says I hope this helps little pet and if the Shadow Dragon has allies why can't the Crystal Dragon have allies?"

"That's not a bad idea Foxy" Alisha says, "lets go see Czoltan!"

the desert dragon awakened after hearing his name. he looked up and saw the face of his long time (and much bigger)friend."this is a time of great concern" says the crystal dragon, and explains that he feels something is going to happen."yes, i have seen warnings in my dreams. we must fly to Mystery Island, and fast"Replies the Desert Dragon. the two dragons exit the shrine and launch into the air, bound for Mystery Isle

" As the story continues....... "

Our brave adventurers decide to take the shortest route to the Lost Desert by going through the Haunted Woods. As they go through the woods the wind begins to pick up and the trees begin to whisper tales of woe and a crows caw nevermore, nevermore and darkness begins to pool around thier feet. A familiar raspy laugh begins to swirl around them as they cluster together for defence. Soon an all too familiar fangy face begins to materialize from the shadows laughing, "I have you now, Little pets."
"No!!!" shreiks Foxy, "Run!" says Neo. "Stand fast and fight!" shout GoldnDrgn and Alisha together. "We aren't strong enough!" Just then a loud crash and bright light comes from the wood behind them and two shapes come charging from the woods. "We're here, we're here, never fear Starsong_Stongheart and I_M_Mockery is here!" "Quick, GoldnDrgn use your Scorchio Flame with me and this foul beast will soon have no shadows to hide in!" Both brave Scorchios let out a mighty roar and set the trees ablaze. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" roars the Shadow Dragon. "I am not at my full strength yet little neopets, but I promise you when I am I will make you pay for this. Soon light will be unable to hurt me and you shall be sorry you ever crossed me!" he hisses as he disappears."You two came just in time, how did you know?" Alisha asks. "Czoltan sent us and told us that we need to travel to Mystery Island. A great evil is being awakened there and we will be needed. He also said we will find allies there." "Thanks Mockery, let's go to Mystery Island!"

The crystal dragon, having told the desert dragon what is happening, sets out for mystery island with the help of the desert dragon. it takes 5 days and 5 nights but finally they reach it.they land in an abandoned stretch of jungle.
"something is happening soon. something dark. i can feel it"wispers the desert dragon.
"yes, i agree. lets go and make ourselves known. babee the locals can help."
they set out for the central village.
what they didnt know was that about 5 mins after they left, 4 young neopets entered the very same clearing, searching for the desert dragon and the crystal dragon.

As we pick up the story, we find our 4 brave adventures and thier two friends have found their way to the coast and are trying to find a ship across to Mystery Island.

"Alisha, this isn't going to work. No ships come here but pirates because everyone else is scared of what comes out of the woods! We have to go to the Desert or Meridell to catch a ship." "I am sorry Foxy but it would take to long to backtrack, besides do you want to go through the woods again?" "Nooo!" exclaims Foxy as shivers run down her spine. "Hey guys, I think I see Goldie and Starsong coming back from thier scouting mission." "Thanks Mockery. Hey! What did you find?" Goldie lands next to Alisha "I found a ship that will take us first to Pirates Cove then on to Mystery Island. We have to work our way across."
"Ohhhh" neighs Neowind and dances around, "I have always thought I would look cool in an eyepatch! Let's go!" "I don't think this is a good idea." "We don't have much choice Foxy. Lead away Goldie."

And so our six adventurers board the pirate ship and continue their journey. Stay tuned for further adventures.

The crystal Dragon and Desert Dragon made their way to mystery isle in the dead of night.they came up to the volcano.
"i sense something" says the Desert Dragon
"as do I. Let us investigate" says the crystal dragon, and both awesome creatures, who most dont even know exist, clinb into the volcano heatways.

To Be Continued........

Shortly after the pirate ship takes off with our heroes, a familiar raspy laughter echoes down the beach. "If you think you will escape me on the water, you are sadly mistaken." The Shadow Dragon walks up to the water and sticks his head under and utters a wierd keening sound. Soon he is answered and the water in front of him soon begins to froth as a large shape can be seen rising from below. "Welcome my sister, our plans of freeing our brother are in danger. A small ship just left here and I was wondering if you would like to keep them entertained while I go to Mystery Island and keep our brothers entertained." Laughter bubbles from the large blue-green sea dragon in front of the Shadow Dragon. "It will be my pleasure brother," she hisses in laughter. "I hope our brothers will not give you too much trouble." "I don't think they will give me too much trouble, for I do believe that our brother fire may be able to aid me. Our allies have weakened the seal so much that he can reach out of the volcano and soon he will be free." "Oh Glorious Day! sings Sea Dragon, "soon the faeries will pay for what they have done to us! They will have to go back to the void of space, or their caves, or be burned by the wrath of our brother!" "Yes sister, soon Neopia will be ours again and we will be able to eat as many of those pesky pets as we want to." "Yummmmmy, hey brother may I eat the ones on the ship?" Evil laughter bursts from the Shadow Dragon, "Go ahead sister, enjoy yourself, I will keep our goody goody pet loving brothers busy so that they can't stop you. I only wish I could join you." "Soon brother we will feast." Laughter wreathes the beach as both Dragons take off to do their tasks.

The Desert Dragon and Crystal Dragon advanced along the heatways until the heat got so great that even the mighty Crystal dragon had to stop and rest.
"this may be harder than i thought" sayed the crystal dragon, taking a raggad breath.
"yes. i can stand the heat, but im not comfortable."replies the Desert Dragon
Both Awesome creatures rest, until suddenly the Crystal Dragon yelps."something big is happening, on the sea route between Krawk Island and Here. We must go!!" the Crystal dragon turns.
"hey,hey,hey! How do you know?"yels the Desert Dragon, clamping his jaws around the Crystal Dragon's tail.
"I saw it in the crystal in the cavern's side. i can see anything on neopia through certain stones. Now, we must GO!" and the Crystal Dragon pulls lose from the Desert Dragon's grasp and tears down the tunnel. The Desert Dragon tear after him, muttering:"Well, hes never been wrong before."
Both Dragons stop dead in their tracks. A black fog was creeping down the walls and taking form.
"Ah, The Crystal and Desert Dragons. So noble. So brave. So pathetic. You may go no further" hisses the Shadow Dragon.
"Shadow Dragon, I have waited a long time for this" says the Crystal Dragon calmly. Then he roars a battle cry and lunged at the Shadow Dragon, Diamond Wings and claws at the ready.

" Re: mmmm...evil... "

As the Crystal Dragon lunges, evil laughter echoes thru the tunnels as the Shadow Dragon disolves into the darkness. The Crystal Dragon unable to stop quickly enough slams into a wall. "Olay!" Laughs the Shadow Dragon as he reforms behind the Desert Dragon and unleashes his disabling breath of shadow throwing the Desert and Crystal Dragon into a complete blackness. A gloating voice comes from the darkness. "Did you think I would be that easy? Think again! I only need to delay you and as you can't see where you are going I do believe I have succeeded!" Evil laughter echoes from all directions as the Shadow Dragon envisions an easy victory.

The Crystal and Desert Dragons stood back to back, slowly circling. they couldnt see more than 1 meter in front of themselves, but knew the shadow dragon would strike soon.
"got any ideas?"wispered the crystal Dragon to the Desert Dragon
"actualy, yes" and then he called forth all the heat from the desert into his body and sent it in all directions.the crystal dragon had only time to yell "HEY" and cover himself with is wings fefor the shockwave hit. there was a huge roar and the darkness coalested into the shadow dragon's form.
"i may have underestimated you" he hissed, and then he was gone. the crystal dragon unfolded his wings and looked at the desert dragon."how did you know it would hurt him?" he asked, puzzled.
"well, i didnt. but i assumed that because he can DISSOLVE into pure shadow, but not call it forth, that all the darkness around us was actually him. so i realeased all my heat and strength into that blast. that reminds me......" his voice trailed off and he colappsed on the ground.the crystal dragon helped him up."you will have to rid on my back. you're smaller than me so itl be no problem carrying you. we must get to the boat!" the desert dragon climed onto the crystal dragon's back and they were off, heading to save the neopets from the sea dragon/

It was a fine day to sail, thought Neo as he stood at the front of the ship and enjoyed the wind ruffling his feathers when his thoughts were broken by a pail of water thrown at him. "Hey! why am I the only one scrubbing decks here! You are suppossed to be helping me" complains Foxy "not staring at the waves!" "Hold on, I thought I just saw something moving under the water." "They're called fish silly!" "No, No, its too big for that! I better get the Captain!" Just then the ship gives an awful lurch as if it hit something. "Argh!" yelps Foxy as she begins to slide over the side. "Grab onto something quick!" shouts Neo just as Foxy goes overboard and everyone else comes running from belowdecks. "Just how was I suppossed to grab something when my hands were covered with soap?" comes a sarcastic question from the water. "Hey she's ok!" "Of course silly, I am a Peophin." "Ummmmmm, Foxy, you should really get back up here...." says Mockery as the Pirates began frantically pointing behind Foxy.
"Fin Ho! shouts the Captain, "everyone to battle stations, that blasted seamonster is here again!" Just then the Sea Dragon rises from the water, "well Captain, we meet again, this time you and your crew will be my dinner." As she speaks, she to coils her enormous body around the ship and starts to squeeze. Several of the pirates throw harpoons at her and they bounce off her hide accompanied by her laughter. Starsong, Goldy, Neo, and Alisha take to the air to help battle the dragon while Mockery stays aboard to tend the wounded. "Nooooo" shouts Alisha, "Swim Foxy swim fast!" "NO!" shouts Foxy accompanied by a defiant neigh, "Water is my specialty!" as she charges the Sea Dragon with Peophin Blade and Sheild in hand. "Take that you monster!" she yells as she chops at the coils around the ship. "Go Foxy!" shouts Neo as he uses his frozen collar to throw ice balls. "This is ridiculus" snorts the Sea Dragon, "you can't hurt me with you puny weapons." Just then a mighty crack is heard as the ship breaks into pieces tumbling the pirates and Mockery into the water. Alisha shouts "Foxy, go help Mockery! He can't swim!" "Oh yummmmmmmy" purrs the Sea Dragon as she slips back beneath the waves "this will be just like bobbing for apples, but only from below." Her evil laughter can be heard above the crys of the pirates as her last fin vanishes from site.


The crystal dragon and desert dragon, who had recovered his energy, arrived high above the watery battlefield right when the sea dragon submerged(after she said the apple thing)."quick. we have to save the neopets. they are too weak to fight her themselves. but we need a solid serface to do any good....." says the desert dragon.
" i can take care of that" replies the crystal dragon, and then he swoops low over the water and lets loose a liquid crystal blast that instantly hardens on the surface of the water. it was 10 meters thick and 500 meters wide. it was too thick for the sea dragon to brake, and the neopets were safe...for now.the desert and crystal dragons land and walk towards the neopets. the neopets cower under the two dragons.
"are you gonna eat us?" says a scruffy looking pirate.
"no. we are here to make sure that the sea dragon doesnt make you into lunch"says the crystal dragon."stay away from the edges of the crystal and dont move around alot."
just then a huge shadow was seen under the crystal and the sea dragon came ramming upward. she didnt know there was crystal there and slammed into it full force.
she uncoiled and swam around and into clear water."you think a little crystal can stop me?HA!" and she climbs onto the crystal shelf and starts advancing, moving like a snake."LETS GO!" yells the desert dragon, and then he blasts the sea dragon with his diamond-sand breath weapon. it ets her n the eye but she keeps commin'. "my turn" growls the crystal dragon and shoots a blast of his liquid crystal breath and slices with is diamond-plated wings. the sea dragon just laughs.

"okay, EVERTBODY HOLD ONTO SOMETHING!!"yells the crystal dragon.
"what are you going to do?"asks the desert dragon, while he shoots diamond-sand around his feet, fusing with the crystal shelf.
"im going to reverse gravity" says the crystal dragon, and with a mighty roar he unleashes his most powerful attack. the sea dragon only had time to squeak before she was sent flying up,up,up, and down. while she lay stunned, the gravity returned to normal and the desert and crystal dragons flew above her. the desert dragon blasts her with his diamond-sand breath, and then the crystal dragon blasts with his liquid crystal breath. when the dust clears, the sea dragon was wrapped in a double-diamond-sand prison, and sinking into the sea. the dragons land on the crystal shelf, and collapse into sleep. both were drained of all energy.

"Oh gosh, oh gosh, oh gosh," exclaims Neo as he dances around the dragons. "I can't believe it, they're real!" All our heroes gather around the two sleeping dragons looking on in wonder. Soon Foxy says, "I better get on below and see what happened to that Sea Dragon." "Good idea Foxy, we will be right here."

Foxy gives a flip to her tail and soon dives out of site. As she swims near the bottom she begins to see ruins. "Oh wow, I didn't know we were so close to Maraqua!" Soon she sees a grey figure in the water, "A faerie, I wonder where she came from and why she is smiling so evilly." As a shudder washes over Foxy she spots the crystal spere that had held the Sea Dragon split in two. She sees there is a faint red glow around it and notes that it is the same glow that came from the faery statue. "Oh, I better hurry up top and tell the others the she got away." As Foxy travels back to the surface she notices a black shape approaching where her friends are. "Oh no, I better hurry!"

Meanwhile, on the surface......

The pirates had managed to salvage some bits from thier ship with the help of our heroes and were fashioning oars when a dark shape came between them and the sun. "Blimey mates!" shouts the Captain, "It's another one!" The heroes look up and to thier horror it is the Shadow Dragon! Alisha shouts, "We must protect the Crystal and Desert Dragon until they get thier strength back! Everyone form a circle around them and prepare your best defenses!" With a whoop Goldy starts to puff up his chest. "What is he doing?" asks Mockery. Starsong replies "I think he is getting ready to let loose a fireball. He's just learned it and is eager to try it out." An evil laughter fills the air as the Shadow Dragon prepares his attack. That evil laugher was cut short as a massive fireball hit him square in the chest and knocked him head over heels through the air. With a roar, the Shadow Dragon recovers and dives at the sleeping dragons only to be met by a wall of shields and oars as the pirates pile on top of the dragons to defend them. With a snarl the Shadow Dragon lands on the crystal and advances on the defenders. Suddenly he halts, cocks his head as if listening, when the sky all around turns red and two screams can be heard in the wind. Soon an ancient face with a headress of red feathers appears in the sky. As the mouth moves words can be heard, "I have failed, your brother has been resealed into the volcano. Forgive me!" "No!" Shouts the Shadow Dragon! He then turns his glare upon our heroes, "You were lucky this time! Next year you will not be so lucky!" With a roar darkness fell, and wings could be heard flapping as the Shadow Dragon took off back to his lair.

The crystal and desert dragon awakened 3 days later, their strength returned. they found a gaggle of neopets around them, trying to pass the time. the crystal dragon stood up and loked around. the pirates looked hurt and were being tended to by a peophin and a scorchio(the dude with the fireball was a scorchio?) they noticed the wakeful dragons and ran over.
"what happened? you look like you fought the shadow dragon." says the desert dragon jokingly from his spot on the crystal.
"actually, we did." says the scorchio glumly
"WHAT!?!?!?" roared the crystal dragon.
"it came up and was onna destroy you two but the pirates piled on top of you to protect you. then this big red guy appeared in the sky and sayd something about failing a mission or something, and the shadow dragon got angry and left."replied the peophin.
"we must find out where he went, and what became of the sea dragon." says the desert dragon, climbing to his feet."but first..." and he cals up healing sand that wrapps the pirates in a cocoon of sand. when the sand lifted, the pirates were healed.
"now, we must go" says the crystal dragon, and turns to leave."WAIT!" yell the peophin.
"we need to talk to you!"
the crystal dragon turns to look."very well, but mke it quick"

"What we wanted to talk to you about was the Shadow Dragon. He just popped into our house one night and started ranting how he was going to rule Neopia soon and that you wouldn't be able to stop him. We thought we should warn you. But it seems you already knew something was up." says Alisha. "I think his plans might have failed though. He seemed quite upset when that shaman dude said he had failed to free his brother." Goldy snorts "That cowardly Shadow Dragon probably went back to his lair to hide. By the way do you know where his lair is? I wouldn't mind coming along to help you chase him out and collect some of his treasures." Soon a chorus of me too, me too, is chanted all around the Dragons as are heroes and the pirates are eager to get revenge on the Shadow Dragon and get a little plunder on the side.

:"im sorry, but you cant ALL come with us.his lair is somewhere on terror mountain. we can take two each, if you are really up to the challenge."says the crystal dragon."oh, we are, we are!" yells almost all of the neopets around them."very well. you two,(crystal dragon points to scorchio and peophin) climb on my back. Desert Dragon, you pick your two". " "says the desert dragon and points to Glodie and Alisha. they all squeak with joy and climb on the dragons' backs."hey, how are we supposed to get back to land?"asks the pirate captain." i never thought of that"says the crystal dragon, glancing at the desert dragon."we will make you a boat but you must promise to tell no one of our existance. Understand?" says the desert dragon."aye" says all the pirates while nodding their heads. the crystal dragon then blasts his liquid crystal breath in a shape of a ship. it hardens almost immedietly. then the desert dragon blasts the boat with sand, polishing the jagged edges.:now, to Terror Mountain!" says the desert dragon, and they took off.

Shortly after taking off the Crystal Dragon looks back over his shoulder to see the uni Neo flying in his wake. Neo seeing that he had been spotted gave a lopsided grin and a shrug said "I figured that maybe Alisha and I could trade places every now and then. No way am I getting left behind and I promise I won't slow you down." Alisha noticing whats going on mutters brothers under her breath and leaps off the Desert Dragon's back. "Get on you oaf," growls Alisha, "I will use my "Flight" ability and we will all get there just fine." The Crystal and Desert Dragons exchange looks as Neo settles on the Desert Dragons back while his family and friends shake their heads at him. The Desert Dragon says "Now that we are all settled can we get on our way?"

the crystal and desert dragons flew on and on nonstop until they heard a moan from the crystal dragon's back. the peophin was looking pretty sik. actually, thought the crystal dragon, all the pets looked sick."whats wrong? you look like you havent eaten in....oh."said the desert dragon."Brother, these pets need food." said the crystal dragon to the desert dragon. "yes. lets land in meridell. the pets can stay in an inn for a couple of days and we can hide up around the darigan citadell. if anybody sees us, they wont think much of it. nobody knows what will come out of darigan nowadays." says th desert dragon. "on to meridell!" yells the scorchio, and both dragons adjust course.

When the Shadow Dragon realized that he was in no immediate danger he went to the nearest shore to call his sister. Shortly after he put his head in the water and called, she replied sounding like she was a great distance away. "What is it my brother?" "The shaman has failed, the faeries and some meddling neopets have put our brother Fire back into the volcano. Why didn't you destroy those other pests?" Sea answers "I almost had them when the Crystal and Desert Dragon came upon me and encased me in crystal and glass. But what is weird brother, is that a faerie freed me." "So the faeries themselves are divided. Interesting. I would advise you to keep out of site sister, I am heading back to my lair and lying low myself." "Good luck brother, I fear you will need it." The Shadow Dragon pulls his head from the water and heads back to his lair to prepare his defenses.

The Shadow Dragon worked long and hard all through the night creating defenses for his lair. When he was finally satisfied that nothing but a fly could penetrate his lair he laid down to take a nap.

Little did he know, that that morning the Crystal and Desert Dragon had boarded our heroes on thier backs and had proceeded to fly to his lair. "Did you rest well last night little ones?" asked the Crystal Dragon. "Yes, thank-you. We are as ready as we can be for whatever happens today." replies Alisha while flying alongside. "Yeh," says Goldy, "let's kick some but!" The Desert Dragon looks at the Crystal Dragon and shakes his head in wonder. The sun continues its climb into the sky as the unlikely group flies onward. "Look!" shouts Neo "I think I see Terror Mountain!" "Yes, we will be there soon. Ready yourselves, we don't know what we will be walking into." the Desert Dragon replies and soon begins to circle looking for some sign of the Shadow Dragon's Lair. The Crystal Dragon is the first one to spot the cave and signals to the Desert Dragon to begin descent. "I think we have a problem my friends. The ledge in front of the cave is too small to land on. The Shadow Dragon must have shrank it." "Hold on" says the Desert Dragon "let me try something." He then begins to blow sand around the edge of the ledge, fusing it as he went. Slowly the ledge was getting larger, but he was also getting hotter. "Ow," declares Neo and Starsong then jump into the air, "talk about hot feet." After the Desert Dragon had made the ledge large enough for the Cystal Dragon, he started to glide to the bottom of the mountain. "Sorry my friends, that took alot out of me. I will await you down here. Good Luck and sorry about the hot feet

As the Crystal Dragon begins to land, Alisha notices a charred looking rock. "Wait!" she yells "I think there's a trap!" The crystal dragon beats his wings like crazy trying to get height, but too late. A large fireball comes shooting out of the cave and hits him square in the chest. "No!" wails Alisha as the Crystal Dragon and her siblings tumble over the edge when a blue streak sails past her and grabs Foxy. "That was close!" exclaims Goldy as he flies beside Neo and Foxy. Alisha stares down the mountain side as the crystal dragon drifts down and settles in beside the desert dragon. "It looks like we are on are own. We better make a plan." The five pets huddle together and discuss their strengths and weaknesses and come up with a plan to defeat the shadow dragon. "Everyone know thier part?" asks Alisha and everyone nods thier head. "Let's go then!" "Yeh! Butt kicking time!" Goldy and Starsong take the lead, going into the tunnel side by side with the other pets following. Soon Starsong slows down and drops behind Goldy. "What's wrong?" "Tunnels too narrow" grunts Starsong, "our allies would have never got through here." "Ooooh," says Foxy "the shadow dragon must have turned into a shadow to get through." "Careful, there may be more traps." Slowly the pets advance until the tunnel suddenly opens up before them.

With a laugh in his voice Goldy exclaims "Look he's sleeping!"
"Oh this is so perfect!" whispers Alisha as she watches the shadow dragon snore and roll over on his pile of treasure. "Everyone remember what you are to do. Spread out and get ready to distract him when he wakes up. Hopefully I can get close enough to use Drain Life and weaken him enough that we can take him. Ready?" everyone nods "let's go!" As Alisha carefully climbs the pile of treasure the other pets spread out around the sleeping shadow dragon. Soon Alisha is within range and starts to drain the life energy from the shadow dragon. Soon the Shadow Dragon is dreaming that a vampire is attacking him. With a great start he awakens to find that the nightmare was all too real. With a roar he lashes his tail at Alisha and knocks her into the wall. With a roar just as loud the other four pets charge the shadow dragon as one. Confused and bewildered the shadow dragon retreats from his pile and attempts to put a wall at his back only to find more pets attacking him as Alisha rejoins the fight. Outnumbered and outclassed as fireballs, magic pebbles, and jets of water, and magical weapons pummel him, the Shadow Dragon does the only thing he can do, run. With a roar of anger, the Shadow Dragon disolves into the shadows, "You vile little pets! This time you have defeated me. Next time you will not be so lucky! Remember me, for I will surely remember you and I will see you next year, this I promise! Celebrate while you can for it won't last forever!" The last of the Shadow Dragon disappears while his evil laughter echoes throughout the cave.

With a whoop the five pets dive into the treasure pile. "Look at all this cool stuff!" says Neo. "What are we going to do with all of this?" asks Foxy "Surely this is more than we need." "I agree" says Starsong, "I think we should share with our friends in the guild that have helped us along the way." "Good idea Starsong. Lets start packing this stuff up. We can give it to our friends tommorrow!" With a cheer our heroes start packing up all the goodies.

Epilogue: The Crystal Dragon and Desert Dragon, knowing the pets are safe start to fly home. The desert dragon, now awakened for a long time, decided to stay awake a while longer. The crystal dragon was escorting him home, since he was still so weak, but little did they know that the sea dragon was still out there, and she was not happy at all at what happened to her brother.....
To Be Continued?